Akira Lane

About This Scene

Sexy gal Akira Lane was not happy at the creepy doctors office when she woke up in the middle of an examination. First off she didnt know why she was knocked out to begin with and of course tied up on the doctors table. The doc tried his best to sweet talk his way out of this by telling her it was all part of the process but she was not happy with this at all. The doctor who might not really be a certified doctor told her he was going to have to insert his finger into her belly button to clear up that cough. Akira was so nervous at this point because she happens to be very TICKLISH in there and the second he put his finger in there she started to giggle like crazy. The doctor quickly found out he was on to something with this so he quickly added some SPUNK lube into her belly button to make it nice and wet for his fingering pleasures. Poor Akira, she was in total shock but the more the doctor started to finger pop that belly button the more she was going crazy due to being extremely ticklish. The screams of laughter coming out of this garage that the doctor uses as a front for his office was AMAZING with nothing but that fantastic belly button tickle torment!

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