Akira Lane

About This Scene

Super sexy Akira Lane has been on Bobby Tickles wish list for a long time now and when he found out she was here in town on vacation he just had to have her and those feet of hers. Good thing for Akira she is not going to let him tickle her that easy but when he got a hold of her he had no choice but to wrap her up with his hand plastic to restrain her from going anywhere. So now that Akira is all wrapped up all she had left was her mouth and she had no problem talking junk to Bobby while he prepared to tickle her. First he started to tease her with his fingers and of course Akira was screaming with laughter. But then he wanted to introduce her to his little friend, once he turned on the electric tooth brush she knew she was in for some trouble. Unfortunately for Akira she couldnt see what it was but knew it was going to cause some ticklish damage to her lovely soles. That is when she started to scream just GET IT OVER WITH to Bobby Tickles, she knew this tickle torment was going to happened one way or another and when it finally did happen she couldnt stop laughing and screaming to please stop. Of course Bobby wasnt going to stop anytime soon!

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