Akira Lane

About This Scene

With all the troubles Bobby Tickles has been getting into the past few years with his serial tickling, he finally agreed to get some help even though it was a court order. Today he had the pleasure to meet up with Akira Lane who was very happy to have Bobby visit her office and was totally allowed to rest his head on her lap and walk thru his tickling issues. Akira quickly noticed this wasnt going to help so she decided to allow him to tickle her but only in her little belly button. Of course Akira must be restrained in order to allow the therapy process to move forward in a positive direction. After Bobby started thinking while unbuttoning her blouse, he decided it would be a better idea to remove her heals and have some sweet tickling action on her lovely little feet instead.Akira begged Bobby not to do the foot as they are extremely ticklish but he couldnt help himself, he just had to have them. The second he started tickling those soles she was screaming with laughter & begging him to stop. The more she laughs the more Bobby tickles and that is all the therapy a guy like him would need for today's session!

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