Akira Lane

About This Scene

The very sexy and lovely Akira Lane was on vacation and was not feeling that great today, most likely from the change of weather. So she quickly pulled up 24/7 doctors and found one only a few miles away from her hotel. Good thing someone answered because she was able to make an appointment within an hour. So she quickly drove over and found it to be a bit odd that the office was located at the doctors home. And it was even weirder that the room that he was going to see her was in his garage. Well anyways, the doctor told Akira to strip down to her bra and panties which she didnt know why but she went ahead and did it anyways. And that is when Doctor Tickles was ready to see his sexy new patient, he seemed to be a bit touchy feely but maybe thats just the type of person he was soAkira went on tell him what was bothering her and before you know it the doctor sent her off to lala land. This was now the perfect opportunity to have some limb play fun with Akiras limp body and that is exactly what he did from lifting her up, moving her around from arms to legs, giving her big hugs and even finishing off his playtime with her own hands gripping her beautiful big breasts. This was definitely the doctor visit that gone wrong for her!

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