Akira Lane

About This Scene

The very lovely Akira Lane came by for a visit at the Funhouse and one thing she really loves to do is drive us crazy with all her sexiness. One of the ways she knows how to tease us is with that very lovely belly button of hers. Well it didnt take her long to slowly unbutton that top of hers and slide down that skirt to give us an up close and personal look at that deep little belly button of hers. It was so damn sexy and she just knew she had us all thirsty at the mouth when she started to finger it all by herself. She even went on about how much she loves to tease us this way and how great it would be to have her belly button worshipped. You gotta love how she rubbed her hand around her belly in a circle like movement to show off the center of attention. Of course we enjoyed seeing those big boobs of hers but this time it was all about worshipping that belly button as she continued to play with it while giving out orders on how it should be played with for her pleasure!

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