Amanda Bryant

About This Scene

What a tight predicament public defender Amanda Bryant got herself into this time when she was visiting her new client Bobby Tickles. Too bad for her she drank the coffee and went to snooze. When she woke up she found herself all tied up while Bobby was getting prepared for some tickle fun later on. This sexy new lawyer was only there to try to help this guy and not be his latest bondage and tickle girl. But she was strong and tried her best to get out, no matter how much she was rolling around and reaching for anything it just wasn’t enough. With her hands being tied behind her back and ankles all tied up it was enough to keep her from going anywhere as long as her new client wanted to keep her there for. One thing that was a bit surprising was how she was dressed very proper with a nice black dress on and matching high heels. But she was not wearing any panties under that dress of hers. I’m not sure if she is a bit naughty but with all that struggling she was doing, we were getting a full view of everything you could think of. I think she’s into teasing her clients and if that’s the case she got exactly what she deserved than with being all tied up!

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