Anabelle Pync

About This Scene

One thing that is sadly neglected on a sexy girl’s body is her belly button! Well that is just how our sexy friend Anabelle Pync feels when she was at The Funhouse posing her sexy body for us and we didn’t even ask about her belly button. So when she seen Bobby Tickles, she wanted him to take a look at her new belly button ring that looked so cute on her. In my opinion I think belly button rings are very sexy on a girl and Anabelle looked awesome with it. Well once she had Bobby take a better look at it, he was really into the idea of doing more with it. That is when Anabelle sat back and let Bobby play with her belly button with his finger. As you could see, Anabelle was getting very hot and turned on over this and really wanted more of it, even though she was a bit shy about this at first. So as they were both getting more into Anabelle’s belly button they decided to change positions so she got on her knees against the back board to give her belly button even more exposure for some more play time!

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