Anabelle Pync

About This Scene

Bobby Tickles has to be one of the luckiest guys on planet earth. Sure he gets bagged up a lot for his tickling issues but he always gets the hottest public defenders. Sometimes they’re so sexy he can’t help it but to try to make a move on them. Even though they are trying to help them and this could totally go against him, he is one of those guys that will take that chance just in case it does happen for him. So here he enters the meeting room at the big house to meet Anabelle Pync who is his current HOT public defendant. Right away she is shaking her head at him as she is in disbelief of his actions. She can’t stand the fact that he gave up all the info and now claiming he was tricked into it. Too bad for Anabelle she is about to get tricked into something as well. That’s because her coffee had the lala land mix in it and she quickly went off to dream land after she sipped it. Now it was time to use Bobby’s inside connect for the rope and tie her butt up for some well deserved tickle time. The second she woke back up she knew she was in hot water, those ticklish feet was all his and she felt it something good. The screams of laughter from Bobby’s tickle torment was not only enjoyable to listen to but also well deserved for being so damn sexy!!

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