Anabelle Pync

About This Scene

Looks like Bobby Tickles did it again, when he had a visit from his new lawyer at the big house she drank the funny coffee and went off to lala land. This time his sexy lawyer was this lovely sweet blonde and super sexy Anabelle Pync. Who would want to tie this pretty girl up and leave her like this? Bobby Tickles of course and while she was getting her beauty out of it this was the time to tie her hands behind her back and those cute little feet of hers too. What a nightmare this must’ve been when she woke up, to be restrained on the couch like this. It didn’t help when Bobby was reminding her that she was all his now and those feet would eventually get tickled. The poor thing was in total shock! As much as she tried to scream for help it was no use. She was in part of the building that only Bobby’s inside connect would bring her to and of course he was loving the view on security cam to see her tied up like that. I think Anabelle knew it was going to be some craziness going on when he took off her heels, but that was really just for her to struggle in comfort!

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