Anabelle Pync

About This Scene

Today we had a very special guest over at The Funhouse that’s right, the very sexy blonde bombshell Anabelle Pync that is so awesome to work with. But her problem is that she is just way to sexy, so sexy that she shouldn’t be teasing us the way she was during this shoot. That is when we tricked her into a bondage scene with our pretty blue rope and put her in a hog tie style that she thought was cool. But she got upset with the tape gag that we used on her but she’ll get over it. So after a few hours of giving her a chance to get out and was highly unsuccessful at that mission we introduced her to our buddy Bobby Tickles. At first Anabelle thought he was going to let her go but the only nice thing he did was remove the tape around her mouth so she could beg. That is because she was about to feel the lethal hands of Bobby Tickles and the screams are so much better when she is not gagged. Once Bobby got on top of her and started to tickle her ribs and stomach we knew we were in for a show. The movements this sexy girl made to avoid tickle time was awesome!

Screenshots from this video



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