Anabelle Pync

About This Scene

What an awesome day we had with this garage sale. Good thing we still do these because it seems like we just continue getting more hot girls to come inside the garage for the REAL special that really is an inside joke on them if you follow this series. Well today, sexy blonde porn star Anabelle Pync showed up to see what deals were going on outside. Of course we recognized her right away and told her we had even better deals inside the garage. At first Anabelle was a bit suspicious about this but finally agreed to come inside, good thing she did as Bobby was waiting with the rope in the garage. So I quickly led her into the garage for the so-called better deals and there she was greeted with some rope and a table for her to struggle on. Immediately Anabelle started to scream for help but that wasnt happening because we stuffed a pair of panties in her mouth and gagged her up with a dirty sock to shut her up. Once she was hogtied to the table it was time to leave her alone for a bit to figure things out for herself as she tries to get out!

Screenshots from this video



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