Anabelle Pync

About This Scene

Special POV Edition gives you an up close and more personal look, to make you feel even closer to the action. As you seen before Anabelle Pync had no choice but to be tied up and restrained for being too damn sexy at The Funhouse. She was such a tease and definitely knew what she was doing so if she said that she was innocent you know that’s simply not true. So as Anabelle is struggling on the bed she finally gives up as there was no way of her getting out of this tight situation. That is when our buddy the one and only Bobby Tickles show’s up. The look on Anabelle’s pretty face was priceless when she seen him walk into the room because she knew exactly what time it was. And Bobby just loves having a sexy porn star waiting for him restrained and feet in the air for some tickle time. He even brought his friends; a bottle of baby oil and a brand new tooth brush. That is when the fun began! First things first, Bobby started to gently rub her sexy legs just to calm her down and slowly worked his way to her pretty little feet. That is when he decided to give her the proper tickle torment treatment that she so much deserves for being so damn hot and naughty!

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