Anabelle Pync

About This Scene

Talk about good timing for us today! So we had another garage sale and it was going pretty good but then it got even better when the very sexy Anabelle Pync showed up to see if she could find some sweet deals to buy. After the other customers left, we started to tell her that we had more stuff inside the garage that she might be interested in. At first, Anabelle was a bit suspicious which is understandable but she agreed to come inside and take a look around. Once she stepped into the garage, Bobby Tickles got a hold of her and tied her hands over her head and got her ankles restrained as well. Of course Anabelle was panicking but Bobby told her he would let her go later on when it got dark out but for now its time to tickle her armpits and ribcage. Good thing Anabelle is super ticklish because she tried to threaten us but that wasnt going to stop him at all. It was time to tickle that sexy body of hers and tickle her is what he did. The screams of laughter and begging to stop were awesome. So awesome that he wasnt going to stop anytime soon!

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