Asia Perez

About This Scene

We really have a lot of love for our sweet sexy friend Asia Perez as you can tell with all the clips we have with her. But one thing we thought that would be fun as a joke would be wrapping her up while she was at rest. The problem was trying to get Asia out cold to pull this off. Well good thing was that after a long day of shooting, Asia was super tired and we totally had the perfect opportunity to make this happen. So once she was at rest, we took the sheet and wrapped her up in it from head to toe. Than we took our bondage tape and proceeded to tape her up pretty good so that she won’t be able to get out of that sheet. So now that mission was complete, we really wanted to tape her mouth to make this very exciting. So slowly we wrapped the tape around her mouth nice & gentle, score we totally got it and never woke her up. Thank goodness Asia is a deep out of it because with all the moving around we had to do we never once woke her up. So now she finally wakes up and totally upset about this which was the best part of this because now you get to watch her struggle to get out of this!!

Screenshots from this video



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