Asia Perez

About This Scene

Now that we have the very sexy Asia Perez all tied up in the garage after tricking her in there, it’s on with some Tickle Time! As you seen in the first part we had some bondage fun with her by telling her the garage sale was actually in the garage. Now she knows it was all a set up and the fun was not stopping anytime soon especially when she heard her ride drive off. So the only help we promised was about to visit her in the garage, but when Asia seen him walk in she remembered him before that it was Bobby Tickles who doesn’t play any games. So now that her garage sale experience just got crazier she knew it was on! Asia even tried to fight him off at first but when Bobby pulled her into his arms she knew there was no more fight left in her. Once he started to tickle her armpits, ribcage and stomach the laughter was uncontrollable. Even with her mouth taped up you can hear the screams coming out. I really hope the neighbors didn’t hear all this but it was such a great time for us we didn’t care what they thought!

Screenshots from this video



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