Asia Perez

About This Scene

The very hot Asian princess Asia Perez is one amazing person, she really knows how to show off and look so damn sexy whenever she is at The Funhouse. Her only problem is the way she just loves to tease the camera and just make us all want to tickle her sexy little feel oh so much. Well today she was very rude to Bobby Tickles, that’s because she is tired of being tickled anytime she comes over for a visit. Some of the things she was saying was pretty hurtful and almost brought Bobby to tears but that’s ok as he know he’ll get his revenge back when Asia takes her siesta. And that’s actually what she did; took that siesta and Bobby got his body tape out and made sure her butt wasn’t going anywhere when she wakes up. That is when the fun began, once Asia woke up and figured out what was going on she was in complete panic. She tried her best to get out but no way possible. Good thing Bobby decided to come back into the room to see how she was doing, when the tape was removed from her mouth she started going in rapid fire, calling Bobby every name in the book and that is when he had no choice but to give her full all out war tickle torment to teach her a lesson!

Screenshots from this video



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