Bailey Paige

About This Scene

Everyone loves a good tease but at the gym it’s pretty damn hard to deal with. And today when hot porn star Bailey Paige was getting her work out she kept teasing everyone with her little sexy outfit. I’m pretty sure she knew what she was doing because she just loves to show off but too bad for her Bobby Tickles was there to get his perv on at the same damn time. When he seen Bailey he knew who she was as he loves to watch her videos all the time. So when Bailey was all done with her work out she quickly went to the locker room to shower but too bad for her Bobby was going to shower too. When he got a hold of her he didn’t waste any time to restrain her and was so worked up about it he had to take a quick shower to cool off right away. Bailey was so grossed out about watching him shower but too bad for her she had much more to be grossed out about within seconds. That’s because Bobby had to have her little belly button and the second he dug his finger into it she was screaming with laughter. Bailey’s ticklish belly button never felt anything like this before, the more he tickled her the more she screamed. Of course that is a sign for Bobby not to stop with the tickle madness!

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