Bailey Paige

About This Scene

When sexy girls like Bailey Paige visit Doctor Bob at his afterhours home office they are taking a big chance. Not because the office is located in his garage but because he loves the ladies! This time around after he had Bailey undress down to her bra and thong he took that opportunity to knock her out. After he finished examining her sexy little body he decided to tie her feet and hands down so he can have some tickling fun with her. Of course he had to start in that sexy little belly button of hers. While he started to examine her belly button, she woke up during the process. Poor Bailey, she was so shocked that this naughty doctor would do this to her but he told her it was all part of the procedure. Bailey must’ve thought he was being honest with her so she was ok about it but when he brought out his pink SPUNK lube to squeeze into her belly button she thought something was fishy around here. Now that her belly button was filled to the top with lube it was time to finger pop it. Bailey started to feel a bit creeped out by it but then it started to tickle her. She couldn’t stop laughing and the thought that there was no escaping this drove her mad. The screams of laughter were priceless as the doctor continued to tickle torment that little belly button nonstop!

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