Bailey Paige

About This Scene

The forever wild Doctor Bob was having the time of his life today, that’s because he had the hot little porn star by the name of Bailey Paige all for himself. Here she is stretched out on his examination table all tied up, of course because that’s how he likes it. Bailey was off to lala land but she must’ve been dreaming someone was watching her out cold as she woke up and found the doctor right in her face. That totally scared her and she demanded to be let go but that wasn’t happening anytime soon for this naughty girl. Good thing for Bailey she has ticklish feet because that is what was on the doctor’s agenda for today and those poor feet got it good. The second he started to tickle the soles she was screaming with laughter as loud as loud could be. That must’ve made the doctor happy because he just couldn’t stop tickling her, poor Bailey she really hated every minute of this but it was well deserved for being so ticklish and sexy!

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