Bella Lovez

About This Scene

Today we have the sexy Bella Lovez who wasn’t feeling all that great today so she put in a call for a house call visit by a new doctor in the area. Too bad she didn’t know the doctor that was coming over was Doctor Bob the creepy MD that makes house calls but really has tons of limb play fun when his patients fall out of it. So while Bella was patiently waiting for Dr Bob she started to go off to dream land. She was looking so sexy too, in her nice skirt and white knee high socks. The way she was laying there on her couch was just asking for a creepy doctor to swing by and have some limp fetish fun. But that was definitely not the time to do this because Bella needed to catch up on her rest and feel much better. So as she went off at rest, Dr Bob was in full uniform and ready to see what he can do. He gently lifted up her legs and put them over him as he reached over and felt Bella’s face. He then took her hand and rubbed his face with it. Once he got no reaction he knew it was a green light to have some more fun with her. Dr Bob definitely got his creepy limb play in!

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