Bella Lovez

About This Scene

Public Defendant Bella Lovez was not happy at all with her latest state appointed client Bobby Tickles. The reason why is because Bobby Tickles is a serial tickler that keeps getting apprehended by the local police for tickling sexy ladies. Of course Bobby didn’t deny the charges, he is quick to give a confession on why he did it so he really doesn’t give much to his defense to help him on. But the good thing is he gets to meet with a new sexy lady that might be able to not only get him out but most importantly get him off. One thing Bella didn’t know was Bobby has a buddy that works at the county facility so he was able to get some assistance for him to finally get off how he really wants with his tickle addictions. So after Bella wasted her time arguing with her client, she was starting to feel very out cold and slowly went off to lala land. That is when Bobby Tickles’ inside connect gave him some rope to restrain her for some tickling pleasures. Once he woke Bellaup, he slowly took her heels off and got to work on those yummy feet of hers. It was like those soles were just asking to be tickled. The screams of laughter coming out of her were awesome. The more she begged to be let out the more Bobby gave her the tickle business and totally get off on another gal that had no idea what she got herself in when trying to defend Bobby Tickles!

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