Bella Lovez

About This Scene

Just when you think it’s over it’s far from it and that is exactly what Public Defendant Bella Lovez found out when her meeting with new client Bobby Tickles went very wrong. It went so wrong that she found out his inside connect had more plans for them and that the tickling torment was far from being over anytime soon. So here we have Bella taken into another room and this time her feet our up and ready to be pleased by the serial tickler himself Bobby Tickles. The second he starts to touch her yummy soles, she starts screaming in laughter. It must’ve drove her crazy that there was no escaping this no matter how loud she screams. At the end of the day, Bobby just wanted to get off and Bella could of made this easy by giving in and let him get his tickle addiction in as that would be the answer to his needs. But of course that wasn’t happening because Bella was way too professional and wasn’t about helping inmates get away with this and that was definitely not fair. Because the more she resisted the more she got tickled and for sure she’ll never forget this ticklish situation that she put herself into!

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