Bella Lovez

About This Scene

The very sexy Bella Lovez is a hard working girl; she hits the gym everyday and is constantly on the go. So once a week she likes to hit the spa and get a well deserved massage. Unfortunately her usual spot to go to was closed so she decided to go to another spa that she never went to before. Well this spa happens to employ Bobby Tickles who just loves relaxing lovely ladies when he is not out on the streets looking for new feet to tickle. Good thing, Bella had no clue who he was so this was working out just fine. While they didn’t talk much during the massage, she sure felt comfortable and enjoyed her massage. That is when Bobby offered Bella the opportunity to speak up for any extras. Obliviously she didn’t know what he was talking about so she was just thankful for their session; well that is when Bobby offered her to give him a happy ending. Of course Bella was highly offended and thought he was a total creep. So once that was settled, Bobby Tickles got so upset that he couldn’t help but to attack her feet with some well deserved tickle time to show her how wrong she was to turn him down. This sure was a no happy ending!!

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