Bella Lovez

About This Scene

Bella Lovez had an appointment with a new Doc today but it didn’t work out in her favor. Because that doctor was Bobby Tickles who just loves to take advantage of sexy girls when they enter his home office which is pretty damn creepy to begin with. So the minute he got her to relax and go off to dream land he was ready to put his plan into full effect. That was to saran wrap her of course! So after that mission was accomplished he left her all alone for her to wake up into full panic with his latest experiment. So once Bella woke up and found herself wrapped up she was freaking pissed off. Screaming for help or most likely to get Bobby Tickles attention so he can continue on with his experiment. That is when he gave her lovely yummy looking feet some well deserved attention she was asking for. That was of course going to be some tickle time for her soles. Once he squeezed some SPUNK lube on those pretty feet he immediately dug into them with some tickling madness. The screams of laughter coming out of Bella was priceless and just knowing that there was no escaping this was even better!

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