Brandi Foxx

About This Scene

The very sexy porn star Brandi Foxx was in town on vacation. While she was relaxing; some guy by the name of Bobby caught her in his sight and just had to get an up close and personal visual of her sexy body and yummy feet. Of course it was too early in the day for him to tickle her as he was nervous the hotel staff might hear the screams of laughter so he decided to tie Brandi up and keep her there until he could come back later to get his tickle fun in. Brandi was not happy about all this tickle talk one bit but she had no choice to just deal with this plus she thought bondage was a lot fun and could definitely get out of this tight situation. So once Bobby left her room she knew it was time to get out of this hogtie position that he left her in. He even gagged her with a sock that he found on the floor so no one could really hear what she was saying if she tried to scream for help. This vacation was definitely not going according to plan; hopefully someone will break down the door and rescue her!

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