Brandi Foxx

About This Scene

The very sexy porn star Brandi Foxx was in big time trouble today when some jerk got into her hotel room and tied her up. At first Brandi thought this was a joke but of course it wasn’t as the guy left her like that and she struggled all day long but just couldn’t get out of this tight situation. Well good thing Captain Tickles was flying around as he heard her screams and got to her hotel room in the quickness. Once Captain Tickles got into her room he quickly removed that dirty gym sock out of Brandi’s mouth to find out what is wrong. Of course she was super happy to see him as she knew she was saved from anymore trouble that could be coming back for her. Only problem is Captain Tickles has a severe foot and tickle fetish; once he seen Brandi’s yummy looking feet he just had to have them before he could release her. Brandi couldn’t believe it as Captain Tickles started working on her very ticklish soles; she was trying to yell again for help but couldn’t stop from laughing. You would think she were loving this but obliviously she wasn’t as she couldn’t get away while Captain Tickles had his way with her feet. Good thing Captain Tickles had to go as there was another hot girl in need of his help, too bad for Brandi he left her all tied up!

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