Brandi Foxx

About This Scene

As you can see the very sexy porn star Brandi Foxx was getting some well deserved rest and relaxation time on her vacation. But she must’ve felt that she was not alone in her room as she woke up, looked over her shoulder and found an intruder going thru her things and taking her laptop. Of course the intruder denied it all so instead of Brandi screaming for help she tried to keep things peaceful and talk to him as he probably just needs a friend. Since Brandi was relaxing in a small top and booty shorts the guy noticed right away how sexy she was and couldn’t help but stare at her. Brandi than bluntly asked him if he was starring at her yummy belly button, of course he was! That is when he decided to start touching her belly button, Brandi being the nice girl that she is decided to remove her belly button ring and show him how deep she can stick her finger in there. That is when the intruder put his things down and laid on the bed to watch her, better yet Brandi even allowed him to finger pop her belly button as she knew it was a total turn on for not only him but for all of us watching too!

Screenshots from this video



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