Raquel Roper

About This Scene

Looks like we got another hot one! This time its sexy redhead Raquel Roper who was at the gym getting her little exercise in. The very minute Bobby Tickles seen Raquel, he called me up to have me get the car ready. You know a simple pop the trunk, throw the chick inside and speed off type situation. Back to the Funhouse we go and straight to the shower. As Bobby had to take a cold one to cool off from all the hotness Raquel was doing from showing off. Of course we tied her up so she can get a good view of Bobby as he showers. Raquel was so grossed out by this but no worries as she will be the main attraction of this show. That is of course that sweet little belly button of hers. It was just teasing us so bad in her little bikini of hers. It’s almost as if she was just asking for it because she is just too damn naughty with her belly button teasing. Once Bobby started to finger pop & tickle her little belly button the screams of laughter was pouring out of her. Raquel was just begging for him to stop but we’re just getting started here with some well deserved belly button tickle torture!

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