Raquel Roper

About This Scene

Raquel Roper is one hot lady that loves to give back to all her fans. Today she was having a webcam show updating her fans of all that is going on in her fetish modeling career. Too bad for her she had a jealous dude in the room that she had no clue about. That’s because Freaky Bob gets super jealous when girls talk about themselves and he had no choice but to knock her out for some well deserved sleepy time. Once Raquel was popped over the head she went right into lala land which was perfect for him as he wanted to have some limb play fun with her sexy petite body. He didn’t hesitate one bit to lift her up and carry her around like she was a doll, too bad for her she had no idea what the heck was going on until her fans might tell her later when watching this all happen on the webcam. After a few minutes of playing with her limp body she started to wake back up but STILL had no idea Freaky Bob was there. So of course he had to knock her out one more time to continue the fun!

Screenshots from this video



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